- I may be naive, or even downright stupid.......but I thought prime ministers should promote their country regardless. Therefore I dropped my coffee on my Romanian beach pants yesterday when the Romanian prime minister said that " a Florida holiday is a bit cheaper than a holiday in Mamaia ". He was interviewed after his American holiday on a TV Channel that loves him without any reservations. As we all know Romanian politicians communicate via Facebook and TV, nowhere else.

Well, hopefully the hotel owners in Mamaia were too busy to hear this, and if those bad people who say that the present prime minister is a permanent lier in need of excuses are wrong, this prime minister may be a very honest one. Mamaia is very expenisve - for Romanians on a medium salary. So expensive that they usually go somewhere else like Eforie Nord or further on south. - However, cheaper than Florida and a week on the biggest cruiseliner in the world? Hmmm.. I really think common Romanian do not go to Florida when they find Mamaia a bit too expenisve.

Let us have a closer look.

Six days on this crusieliner cost 6000 USD. That is about 24000 ron. Same six days in a double room on a four star hotel in Mamaia would cost 1560 ron with a booking through Trivago, and a five star all inclusive hotel 3360 ron. If the cabin on the cruiseliner hosts four persons and the prices in Mamaia above are for two persons in one room, the prices in Mamaia for a similar holiday will be the price of two rooms, like 6720 ron for the all inclusive ones. Even in the most expensive Mamaia hotel if four persons each has to pay 3360 ron all inculsive for six days it will be 13440 ron. Which makes the Florida cruise 10560 ron more expensive in the most extreme case. - So honestly, what does " a little bit cheaper than Mamaia" really mean? As I said in the beginning, I may be very stupid but I do not grasp this at all.

And...the travel to Florida return is the same as a travel from Bucuresti to Mamaia?

With all respect, I think this remark was more silly than me. If the prme minister had said, " Florida is a bit more interesting than Mamaia " we might have agreed. To a certain degree. It depends if you like fast food, big cars, big people and fat hamburgers - or not.

We have actually been to Florida once. And still we prefer Mamaia Nord.


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