The staff on this beach bar seems to rule the area in which they probably have rented. We asked for the name of the staff person who addressed us and the name of the bar but they refused to give the very neutral information. There are no signs in the bar, no firm references and no name lables carried by staff.

  • On Sunday 2nd August we went to the beach in front of –ut this beach bar and put our towels 8 meters from the water front. There were nobody or nothing and an eara of 5 meters in all directions. The sunchairs that this beach bar are renting out was about 6 meters more up from the water front. The photo above is taken exactly five minutes after the incident and it shows that the area is not exactly crowded. One young man without identification came right to us and said that if we did want to rent chairs we had to move

When we asked why he said this was their area. We told him that each beach rented area should be allowed 30% for people who do not want to rent, he said he never had heard about something like this. We also said that becahed 8 meters from the waterfront in general is public area. And a lot of space all over in “their area” He did not respond.  We told him that we had bought drinks in his pub and that in that way we also were his guests. He asked us to move.

When asked about his name, he would not give that.

We left the entire beach. Or day was ruined. We have been here many times over many years and have never experienced things like this.

We have not seen this kind of rude and secret beach bars either…..

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